Audio of Fr Fenton

Audio: The Orthodox Roman Catholic Movement

Audio: 1977 Speech

Audio: Father Fenton’s speech at the Vexilla Regis Conference, introduced by Fr. Donald Sanborn, “Onward Christian Soldiers”

Audio “Communism in the Churches” Fr. Francis Fenton circa 1972

Audio-“God and Morality,” Fr Fenton October 1969

Audio-Atheistic Communism-Fr Fenton

Audio-Fr. Fenton’s Cincinnati Speech circa 1986 “Catholic Action and Communism.”  Introduced by Jim Condit, Jr

Audio-Fr. Fenton “Reminiscences from the Lecture Circuit” 1970 (begins ~7:04)-taken from federalexpression on YouTube

Audio-Fr. Fenton “We Will Win, If We Are Worthy” 1971 (begins ~4:40)-taken from federalexpression on YouTube